About Us

Renewing Eve is about recovering the glory of Eve’s created person and purpose. We believe that women and men are equal bearers of God’s image, created for important, impactful work. Our goal is for women in all places and stages of life to flourish and ultimately to hear God’s blessing, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

We hope that this blog encourages women both theologically and practically. We want to use this space to write about how our Christian faith is walked out in everyday situations.

Debbie Boyce

I  am married and 59 years old.  Together with my husband, I have raised four children to adulthood, and recently became a grandmother. I have always been a part-time or full time worker, mentoring  college aged women for 32 years.   This means I have listened for many years to complaints about how churches have treated women, how hard it is to understand the Bible, and how inequality between men and women has resulted in abuse of power.  However, I still believe the Bible has good news of life, purpose and affirmation for women.  I have a Master of Arts in Religion, love to teach the Scriptures and have read many books on the topic of men and women in the Bible.


Ruth Burke

I am multiracial, married, and 33 years old.  I am a stay-at-home-mom of three beautiful girls and a pastor’s wife. I am currently homeschooling my oldest daughter.  I have lived and worked in the city of Philadelphia for 11 years. We moved here in 2006 when I was in graduate school. After the birth of our second daughter, I became a full time stay at home mom. I have a PhD in Sociology, and I enjoy making things (usually sewing, knitting or baking) in my “spare” time. I am passionate about encouraging women to pursue the Lord and develop their gifts and talents for His glory.